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A weekly review of the very worst of trash cinema. Join Liam, Ryan, Hannah, and Jack as we discuss the worst films of all time, their place in cinema history, why we love them/hate them, and the cult of appreciation that surrounds them.

June 14, 2021

Episode 11: Mac And Me

Do you like E.T? Do you like meth? Do you think E.T would be so much better if he was a meth head with a penchant for gaslighting children, eating far too much fast food, and being a hideous skin monster...then have we got a film for you.

A classic best/worst this week - the Buds uncover the history behind one of Hollywood's most iconic ripoffs - Mac and Me - made famous by Ant-Man himself - this film was a timeless classic waiting to be discovered long before Paul Rudd started trolling Conan.

Make sure you buy yourself a nice refreshing Coca-Cola, a bag of skittles, and a meaty, juicy Big Mac Meal as we sit down to watch...CAPITALISM: THE MOVIE...


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